Fire Safety System Maintenance – Involving the Experts

Smoke VentilationAfter a project’s initial build or refurbishment is over, the main deciding factor in a fire safety system’s ongoing effective operation is how well it is maintained, so it makes sense to have this carried out by experienced experts.

Beyond merely being a ‘tick-box’ exercise, the maintenance and routine servicing of fire safety systems safeguards a building’s occupants and assets in the event of a fire, while also ensuring that the property complies with the relevant Building Regulations.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, or RRO, states that companies are deemed responsible for providing the correct level of fire safety on their premises, as outlined in the building’s fire strategy. As any installed fire safety systems form part of this strategy, the RRO requires a responsible person to be appointed to ensure that all equipment is maintained and in good working order.

Due to the grave consequences that could result from a system malfunction, including injury and loss of life, failure to correctly maintain fire safety systems is considered an offence, and can result in the prosecution of the building’s owner or manager.

This requirement for the servicing and maintenance of fire safety systems is echoed by British Standards BS 7346:1-1990 and BS 5588:12-2004, as well as the Building Regulations Approved Document B (ADB), removing any doubt as to its importance.

Beyond the obvious safety benefits and need to obey the relevant regulations, carrying out routine maintenance can also provide significant cost savings, with preventative upkeep allowing systems to run efficiently for longer, and inspections can identify issues before they develop into costly system failures.

While maintenance staff may be appointed to carry out some checks, FDS’ maintenance service provides peace of mind, with our experts regularly checking and maintaining systems, removing the risk of fines for non-compliance, or the potential loss of income that results from closure by the local fire service.

Regardless of the system’s original manufacturer or installer, our maintenance team will visit your premises twice a year, undertaking complete tests of the fire alarm and smoke detection systems, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

As well as visual inspections, our experts will also carry out a rigorous 15-point test of each fire safety component throughout a property, maximising resident safety. If a failure does occur, we also provide a 24-hour emergency call out service. All visits, whether callouts or routine inspections and maintenance, are thoroughly documented.

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