Remote Monitoring

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Protecting people and assets is paramount to any business, and consideration of managing the safety aspects of your estate, such as controlling fire detection, suppression, access and the evacuation of occupants, is essential.


Giving thought to the residents of the building and business employees occupying it, including their safety and where they reside, building managers must consider what should happen in an evacuation.

However, an essential part of this consideration needs to be how occupants would be alerted and would they be able to evacuate the building safely?

Event Notification

Having the functionality to notify facilities and building managers should an incident occur is essential for keeping occupants safe. Remote monitoring enhances your ability to do this by enabling SMS and email to be sent.

The ease of adding or removing people from the remote monitoring portal means that temporary visitors or employees within the building can can also receive alerts. This is particularly important for businesses working within hotels, education, healthcare and commercial sectors.

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Instant communication

Highly configurable using an embedded web server and simple configuration wizard, remote monitoring can pass system events via e-mail, SMS, Modbus and BACnet formats using a standard IP connection.

Event notifications are triggered and processed immediately and, for email or text messages, can be routed to any number of recipients based on the event types including fire, pre-alarm, fault, disable, in test, technical alarm and security.

Since all events are sent immediately, users can reduce the number of false alarms by investigating the cause of the alarm before it is escalated, preventing any unnecessary (and potentially disruptive) evacuation.

Remote monitoring is particularly suited to managers of multiple sites, making their portfolio of properties easier and less time consuming to manage by delivering any fire alarm and smoke ventilation activity through a single platform.

System Integration

Remote monitoring from FDS FireSmart provides support for Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP enabling simple interfacing to the building’s management and building management systems. System integration is critical in many buildings to enable urgent safety actions to be taken quickly and automatically in the event of an alarm such as the shutdown of equipment, closing of extract dampers etc.
Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP have been made easily configurable with automatic allocation of Modbus addresses and BACnet object IDs providing transmission of panel status, zone status and device status.
The ability to monitor equipment via 16 switched inputs with customised messages allows support for conventional fire and extinguishing systems in addition to the serial RS232 interface for the Syncro networked systems. 

FDS FireSmart Remote Monitoring Features

  • Monitors alarm activity on workstation or device
  • Receive alerts by email, SMS or pager
  • Easy user subscription function – Opt-in/Opt-out via text
  • Defined message notification for managers, engineers or building occupiers
  • Compatible with Modbus protocols
  • Configuration through the embedded web server
  • Quick setup, user-friendly operation
  • Internal memory event log
  • Isolated RS232 port

Example uses of input applications

  • Advanced notification of fire or lockdown drills on the premises
  • Smoke ventilation system outputs
  • Multiple sprinklers flow valve
  • Multiple suppression systems
  • Leak detection
  • Floor detection
  • Access control and security system outputs
  • External parameter detection
  • Nurse call and assisted living systems
  • Critical mains supply
  • Alerts from critical backup systems including freezer
  • Kitchen suppression system

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