Corridor Environmental System

The Main Purpose of the System.

Corridor Environmental Systems regulate temperatures on a day-to-day basis through continual monitoring via a thermostat.
If the corridor reaches above a pre-set temperature, through mechanical extraction, heat from the corridor and stairs is drawn into the smoke shafts using motorised dampers, reducing the temperature to an acceptable level.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The requirement for improved energy efficiency has resulted in the increased use of centralised heating, boilers, and hot water pipework in multi-storey residential schemes. These systems can result in significant heat building up affecting occupants, the Corridor Environmental System can help ventilate hot air mitigating the effects of these systems.

FDS Contracting has designed this to be an effective and cost-effective solution for tall buildings by integrating these systems with our advanced Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems (MSVS). This integration enables the system to revert to its fire safety mode and actively extract smoke from the building when necessary.

Corridor Environmental System: A Proven Solution

The Corridor Environmental System has been designed to maximise the heat removal process from a building providing occupants with a comfortable internal temperature.

With buildings needing to be built to a stricter standard regarding their energy efficiency, it is important to neutralise the excess hot air within the building as a result of the systems. Through early consultation, we can help you achieve substantial cost savings by utilising the smoke shaft during initial construction and completing the installation process in one exercise.

Our system has a proven track record of eliminating heat gained from the common heating/hot water pipework and allows common stairways to be cooled. It also factors in the scheme’s acoustic requirements, with primary and secondary attenuation included in each system to minimise noise breakout.

Not only can our specialist team integrate our Corridor Environmental System with our mechanical smoke ventilation system for maximum cost and area efficiency, but we can also retrofit the system easily to existing smoke control systems, avoiding costly additional installations.

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