About Us

Whilst working as fire engineering consultants, Gerard Sheridan and fellow founding director Andy Riley, developed an innovative design for a mechanical smoke ventilation system.

This proved to be a flexible, high performance and cost-effective solution to smoke ventilation. After conducting substantial product testing and development the system was ready to install on projects. However, when Gerard and Andy were unable to find a suitable contractor to satisfactorily perform the installation, this informed the decision to set up FDS Contracting, as a specialist contracting company.

Our Senior Management Team

Nick Waterfield
Managing Director
Dan Foster

Dan Foster
Sales & Procurement Director

Martin Ives
Estimating Director

Granville Harris
Director of Consultancy

Rachael Archer
Finance Director

FDS Contracting’s Aim

This innovative solutions-driven approach remains at the core values of the company today. FDS Contracting work hard to provide systems that achieve the highest standards of safety and building regulations compliance whilst also considering the client’s commercial objectives such as space maximisation and construction costs.

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Our focus remains firmly on our clients, meeting their project needs for fire safety and delivering cost-effective and reliable fire safety systems. Client satisfaction is our key objective and this is illustrated by our growing portfolio of repeat clients and why we work with many of the UK’s largest developers and contractors.

At FDS Contracting we have extensive fire engineering and smoke ventilation experience on large and complex developments. It is this combined expertise that enables us to bridge the gap between concept design and delivering practical system installation.

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For more information about feel free to call us on +44 (0)1322 387411 or email info@fdsuk.com.

You can speak directly to our technical estimating team about your project today by e-mailing estimating@fdsuk.com.