Updated Sprinkler Specification Document Offers Guidance for Residential Projects

In many residential developments, sprinkler systems are essential, greatly reducing the chances of fatalities in the event of a fire, while also reducing injuries and controlling a fire’s size, limiting property damage.

That’s why Approved Document B 2007 (ADB) introduced the requirement for sprinklers in residential apartment buildings with floors 30 metres above ground level.

To guide our customers on the requirements in place, we have produced a new, updated sprinkler system brochure, detailing the range of systems and expertise that FDS can offer.

While basic, British Standard compliant systems can provide the minimum level of protection required, we also offer enhanced systems, which allow additional design freedoms, including open plan living spaces, extended travel distances and reduced smoke shaft sizes.

The new Technical Specification for Residential Sprinkler Systems provides information on the range of sprinkler systems available for the residential sector, and their benefits. Details are included on all sprinkler types, from conventional standalone systems to sprinkler systems tailored to open-plan living spaces, enabling you to make an informed decision on which is best for your project.

The full document can be downloaded here: Residential Sprinkler Systems, or to speak to our team call us on +44 (0)1322 387411


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