Smoke Ventilation System Design

FDS Contracting aims to provide a holistic approach to our services which includes SDI 19 certified smoke ventilation system design for your projects.

Our approach to smoke ventilation maximises space within the building while ensuring your building is compliant with legislative requirements. This approach is not only cost-efficient but also provides optimal safety to occupants.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, we can provide bespoke solutions that fit the unique needs of your construction. Our smoke venting designs are characterised by attention to detail which provides high quality and reliability.

Smoke Ventilation Consultancy

Our teams consist of highly qualified and experienced fire engineering consultants providing architects, contractors and developers with creative and compliant solutions that integrate with the wider building design, making a positive impact on the overall cost of a Smoke Ventilation project.

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CFD Modelling

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a design tool that aids with the detailed design of mechanical smoke venting systems. The software allows the designer to model complex airflow’s, fire patterns and smoke behaviour within the building, and to visually inspect and analyse the airflow patterns, ensuring the best possible Smoke Ventilation System Design.

Once the system has been installed, the results of CFD modelling can be authenticated. The authentication provides reassurance to approving authorities including building regulatos that each component has been appropriately installed and correctly operating.

CFD analysis is required when applying a fire engineered solution that is not code compliant or an ADB prescribed solution. FDS Contracting presents the CFD results in a report suitable for submission to Building Control, taking the smoke ventilation system design through the approval process.

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