Smoke Venting System for Cheshunt Lakeside 1a

M Toner Plumbing & Heating appointed FDS Contracting as their smoke ventilation contractor to design, supply, install and commission a smoke management system utilising vertical shafts. Cheshunt Lakeside 1a also required an environmental car park ventilation system utilising a Thrust Ventilation system.

The project consists of 6 naturally ventilated blocks, featuring a single 1.5m2 natural smoke shaft. In addition to the shaft, there are louvered dampers and grilles, which achieve 1.5m2 free area.

The car park at Cheshunt Lakeside 1a consists of a single level of parking with a ramp providing access between the street and the basement level. Based on the size and layout of the car park it is naturally ventilated as per Approved Document B, however induction fans were utilised for CO clearance purposes to satisfy Approved Document F.


Work on Cheshunt Lakeside 1a commenced in July 2021, with handover occurring in October 2022.

Credit: Thanks to B3 Living for providing the imagery.