Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems

FDS Contracting provides a complete turnkey package for natural smoke ventilation systems. Our integrated service delivers cost-effective smoke venting solutions to create safe environments that meet all necessary approvals.

natural smoke ventilation

Natural Smoke Ventilation

Our natural smoke ventilation systems remain sympathetic to the architect’s aesthetic vision while offering maximum floor space efficiency and cost savings. From initial design, through installation, to commissioning and ongoing servicing, it is a total solution that offers hassle-free handover, testing and maintenance – as a standalone system or as part of an integrated fire safety approach.

natural smoke ventilation

In the event of a fire, natural venting systems open airways, using natural airflow dynamics to remove smoke, which is arguably the biggest threat to life. This can be attained by opening windows or vents, an automatic opening vent (AOV) or, where there is no external wall, a vertical smoke shaft.

Approved Document B

FDS Contracting’s natural venting systems provide a reliable and cost-effective method of meeting the requirements of Approved Document B. In the event of a fire, smoke detectors will activate the natural smoke venting system on that floor. This creates a natural airflow to purge smoke from the building and exhaust it into the atmosphere, offering a safe means of escape for occupants, with greater visibility and access for firefighters.

We understand the correct fire rating required of every component to maintain the necessary compartmentation within the building and that knowledge is underpinned by our ongoing research and development commitment.

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