Golden Thread

You have probably heard the term ‘golden thread’ before. It is the idea that a feature is present in all parts of something, holding it together and giving it value. From a fire safety perspective, the golden thread refers to the sharing of information by all involved in a project, from the early conceptual stages through to ongoing use.

With the many elements involved with fire safety, the consistent sharing of information becomes exceptionally challenging. To the multiple party’s involved in a project, from the initial brief and design through to construction and service and maintenance a golden thread would be incredibly beneficial. With a full-service smoke ventilation and fire safety consultant, the necessary requirements to establish the golden thread of information could be facilitated.


There are many people to consider in a building project. For starters, there are your statutory bodies, then you have your client team, followed by your design team and after that your construction team before even thinking about service and maintenance.

Having one golden thread, in the form of a fire safety consultant, who can help the communication and integration of all these separate teams can significantly reduce errors due to miscommunication and project delays, all whilst ensuring full compliance to regulations.

This concept has been endorsed by the Hackitt report, suggesting a ‘golden thread of information’ should be kept for all high-rise buildings in order to ensure safer buildings for all occupants.

Service and maintenance

Remembering that work does not stop once the building is up; service and maintenance is an integral part of fire safety. Not only in order to be compliant, but also to afford occupants the greatest chance of escape and firefighters the best chance of access to avoid further ramifications, maintenance of fire safety solutions is vital.

Fire safety systems and smoke ventilation systems need maintaining like everything else within a building. And with so many options out there and depending on many factors that are unique to your project, you need to ensure you are receiving expert advice. This is where FDS Group comes in.

FDS Group

FDS Group is comprised of two sister companies; FDS Contracting and FDS Consult. Working closely together, and all experts in their respective fields, FDS Group is the perfect solution for all fire safety and smoke ventilation requirements.

FDS Consult uses their experience and skills to start the process by looking at the strategic design, brief and concept design. They then overlap with FDS on the detailed design of the system before
FDS takes over completely to carry on with construction, handover and maintenance. All the while, you will have one primary point of contact overlooking the entirety of your project and there to answer any queries you may have.

Not only is enlisting the services of FDS Group cost-effective, but it will save the hassle of finding and managing separate consultants. You will have one primary contact and the reassurance your project is in the hands of the experts.

Contact us today to find out how FDS Group can run a golden thread through your project, making it seamless, effortless and compliant.


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