Top 5 Benefits of Fire Engineering Consultancy

With new buildings under pressure to prioritise fire safety and with so many potential benefits to the overall scheme, fire engineering consultancy is a no-brainer.

With so many elements of a build to consider, fire engineering consultants can work with you from the initial brief and design stages right through to installation as well as service and maintenance. They will be sure to help your project flow seamlessly.

But what are the benefits of working with fire engineering consultants?



Enlisting the services of a fire engineering consultancy allows greater design flexibility and open-plan arrangements. Consultants are aware of the current fire safety and building regulations and how to comply fully while getting the most out of your building.

Collaborating with fire safety engineers early in your process will ensure that you will identify the most suitable fire safety solution without compromising your architects’ designs.



Fire engineering consultants can evaluate a building’s designs and suggest a bespoke plan that will fulfil the project requirements, streamlining a solution to achieve the same, or superior result.

For example, a consultant will be able to establish whether a natural smoke ventilation system could be replaced by a more efficient mechanical smoke ventilation system requiring a smaller smoke shaft, resulting in areas of greater usability within the building.



Early engagement with a fire engineering consultancy can result in a significant saving in time due to the efficiency of fire engineering experts who will be able to advise you at every stage of the process on the best possible solution. By providing the correct guidance, time can be saved, that may have previously been lost at the approval stage with building control or the fire brigade.

What’s more, fire engineering consultants don’t just look at what can be put into the building to make it safer; they also look at what can be taken out, which often results in more saleable space, increasing the value of the scheme.



The costs of employing a fire engineering consultancy firm are quickly repaid in the expertise they provide. Their experience and knowledge could ensure you have extra saleable space in your building. They can also ensure you don’t waste money on non-compliant fire safety systems or lose money in delays.



A vital part of every build is to ensure complete compliance with all regulatory requirements, including Approved Document B (ADB). Working with a fire engineering consultant not only ensures this but makes it stress-free to the client. Compliance and fire safety regulations are second nature to fire engineering consultants, ensuring all approvals are met promptly.

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