Terms & Conditions

1 Orders

No order placed by the buyer shall be binding on FDS Contracting Ltd. until it has been accepted in writing by FDS. An order is acknowledgement of quotation and associated Terms & Conditions. Where a JCT form of contract is proposed, we reserve the right on the final wording of the contract and the inclusion of conditions below. Payment terms will remain as outlined in this quotation. Where the customer is new to FDS, a line of credit may be required including upfront payment may be required

2 Validity

This quotation is valid for 60 days from the issue date and is only valid under FDS Terms & Conditions. This quotation assumes the work will be completed in 2012. A price increase of +4% will apply to work carried out in 2013.

3 Terms of payment

As the components are manufactured specific for each project, payment terms are as identified. Where an invoice/application for payment is raised, payment will be required 30 days thereafter. Where payment is late, this will impact on program dates. Where payment is not received after 5 weeks following issue of the invoice/application we will serve a seven day notice and stop work on site until payment for the project is received in full. Where payment remains outstanding 6 weeks after final invoice/application for payment, FDS reserve the right to electronically shut the system down until payment is received in full. The responsibility for a non working system and delay to program will rest with the Client as we have identified the Client’s intension for non payment of invoices/application for payments.

4 Variations

A variation instruction will be required for any modification to the scheme, which will require signing prior to the work commencing. Where we are not site based we will require 5 working days prior to actioning on site.

5 Return of goods

As the components are purpose made for each project, no return of goods will be accepted.

6 Taxes

The price excludes VAT, which will be charged at the appropriate rate.

7 Delivery

The equipment will be delivered to site on the dates identified by the Client and unloaded by the Client and stored in a secure area, subject to receipt of payment for the stage. All other light components will be taken to site as necessary. The above costs assume delivery to a site in England main land. Deliveries costs outside England main land will be additional.

8 Guarantee

Equipment guarantee is for 12 months from the date of issuing of the first completion certificate for the system. A full maintenance schedule and parts register will be prepared in the O&M manual.

9 Detail Information

The dimensions, weights, power requirements, etc. in this quotation are approximate to allow costing to be carried out. Accurate detailed information will be advised at the design stage. A4 drawings will be prepared showing the system requirements by others.

10 Standard Equipment

The SVS shaft damper will be rebated in the framed structural opening.
The shaft dampers will be finished in a standard white power coated finish and be single skinned construction.
The fans will run at 90dBA during fire fighting mode.
The control panels will be surface mounted and have a grey finish.
The door closers will have a chrome finish.
The switches will be a standard white/yellow finish.
Smoke vents will be single skinned mill finished louvered bladed.
Where fans are to be located within the shaft, the Client will provide a working platform, eye bolts, lifting RSJ and the necessary fan supports.
Fan control panels are 0.8m x 0.8m x 0.4m deep and need to be located within a fire rated enclosure.
Interface boxes are to be surface mounted in the electrical riser and are 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.07m deep.
Ground floor status panels are to be surface mounted and are 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.07m deep.
UPS boxes are to be located in the electrical riser and are 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.3m deep.

11 Risk

The goods shall be the Client’s responsibility from delivery to site. It is the responsibility of FDS to load the vehicle and the buyers to off-load and store all equipment at its destination. Any damage during the off-loading or while installed on site will be the buyer’s responsibility.

12 Approvals

The system concept report and calculations are only relevant to the approving authorities so as to allow the necessary approvals to be achieved. No explanation will be made to any third party and copyright remains with FDS.

Concept drawings will be issued to the Client and approval will be required two weeks after. Where we do not receive comments within this time period, it will be deemed that the drawings are accepted. After this period charges will apply for any changes.

The Client is to make a program available which FDS will identify their works on. Where this program is not made available after 2 weeks following a request, FDS will prepare its own program which will be submitted to the Client and taken as approved unless modified by them with 2 weeks of issuing. FDS cannot turn up to site where work is not programmed.

13 Exclusions

The following is excluded from the price;

•    The price excludes Main Contractors Discount.
•    Retentions by the Contractor.
•    Unloading and storing in secure area on site.
•    Damage to and cleaning shaft damper fixed by others.
•    Necessary Health & Safety equipment around the smoke shaft & roof openings.
•    Attending site meetings unless otherwise agreed in writing by FDS.
•    Production of the detail coordination drawings, or distribution to others.
•    We assume a 110 or 240v electric supply will be provided within 20m of fixing position for hand tools during the installation period.
•    Protection of finished works.
•    Status of power supplied to main control panel.
•    Waste storage facilities.
•    No guarantee is provided for the casement vents when in the open position.

14 Collateral Warranties / Bonds

Where there is a requirement to provide a Collateral Warranty or Performance Bond for the FDS equipment, we will provide such subject to discussions and agreement on the final wording. Any additional cost of providing these documents including multiple tenants’ warranties will be advised separately.

15 Right to Recover

Goods supplied on the project remain the property of FDS until paid in full. We reserve the right to remove or disconnect such goods at any time when payment remains outstanding.

16 Installation

Installation of the equipment will be to the program agreed with the Client. Our quotation assumes each shaft can be worked on in full and the associated fitting exercise will be completed during one continuous visit (part completion or part fitting of components is not included) Installation and commissioning of the system will be during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) with no site restrictions. Commissioning will be carried out during one continuous visit.
Demonstration of the completed system will be carried out during one visit organised by FDS.

17 O & M Manuals

O & M manuals will be prepared at the completion of all works on the site two weeks following practical completion. The manuals will be presented in electronic format.

18 Maintenance

Maintenance of the system is for 12 months. This includes for one visit after 6 months and the second after 11 months. This is to carry out standard maintenance of the components. Any call outs outside these maintenance visits will be chargeable.  Where FDS are called out for a reported fault this will be investigated. Where the fault is as a result of the construction process, vandalism or false activation, FDS will charge a minimum of £350.00 per call out visit plus the component repair cost. Where the fault is due to FDS failure, no cost will be applied. The call out period will be within 24 hours of the reported fault. In order to make use of the call out/maintenance and out of hours service the Client must have signed up to the call out acceptance agreement.