Corridor Environmental System

FDS Contracting has designed an efficient and cost-effective solution of integrating our Corridor Environmental System with our advanced mechanical smoke ventilation system for day to day environmental ventilation – venting hot air from the common corridors and stairs, and reducing the temperature to an acceptable level.

The requirement for improved energy efficiency has resulted in the increased use of centralised heating systems, boilers and hot water pipework in multi-storey residential schemes. Whilst this provides benefits for effective heat and water distribution it can also result in significant heat build-up affecting residents and operatives working in the building.

Corridor environmental systems achieve ventilation through the mechanical extraction of heat from the corridor into the smoke shafts using motorised dampers that open whilst the system is operational. A thermostat activates operation once a pre-set temperature is achieved. In the event of a fire, the system reverts to fire safety mode to remove smoke from the building.

Corridor Environmental System: A Proven Solution

At FDS Contracting we design the Corridor Environmental System to maximise heat removal, providing occupants and maintenance operatives with comfortable internal temperatures.

We can help you achieve substantial cost savings wherever we can utilise the smoke shaft during the initial construction stage, thus allowing us to complete installation in just one exercise. Our system has a proven track record of eliminating heat gain from the common heating/hot water pipework and allows the common stairway to be cooled. It also factors in the scheme’s acoustic requirements, with primary and secondary attenuation included in each system to minimise noise breakout.

Not only can our specialist design team integrate our Corridor Environmental System with our mechanical smoke ventilation system for maximum cost and area efficiency but we can also retrofit the system easily to existing smoke ventilation systems, avoiding costly additional installations.

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