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Project Showcase - Smoke Venting System for London Square Putney

Smoke Venting System for London Square Putney

Located between the Putney Mainline and East Putney railway stations in Southwest London, the London Square Putney residential development provides high-quality living spaces to its residents, as well as excellent transport links to the city.

Developed by London Square, the 11 storey scheme comprises of 113 one, two and three bedroom apartments, in addition to The Terrace Collection – a selection of 11 two and three bedroom premium apartments which are arranged over the four upper floors of the building.

During the first construction phase, sister company FDS Consult was appointed to provide smoke control and ventilation consultancy expertise for the above ground residential and car parking areas. London Square then called upon the FDS Contracting (FDS) smoke venting team to supply, install and commission a number of smoke ventilation systems to ensure the safety of the development’s residents.

Due to the scale and layout of the development, a Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System (MSVS) was specified in order to quickly remove smoke from escape routes in the event of fire, keeping these areas clear for residents exiting the building as well as providing access for attending fire service personnel.

The system utilises powered fans and a mechanical shaft which serves the common corridor and lobby areas. If smoke is detected, the system will open automatic fire dampers to the smoke shaft on the affected floor, as well as the vent at the head of the stairway.

The fan at the top of the smoke shaft will then activate to remove smoke while also keeping it from spreading into nearby areas. Pressure controlled door closers can then depressurise the stair area, pulling fresh air through the lobby, preventing the movement of smoke into the stair area through which residents will escape.

In addition to the MSVS, smoke detection and sprinkler monitoring systems, London Square also requested the installation of FDS’ new chiller air cooler system to maximise occupants’ comfort during day-to-day use.

Consisting of a chiller unit and fan mounted at roof level and connected to the building’s ducted environmental shaft, the system supplies cold air to the common areas when required, while acoustic silencers fitted to the inlet and outlet of the fan help to keep operating noise to a minimum.

Following FDS’ work on the now-occupied phase 1 section of the Putney development, London Square has once again appointed the award-winning smoke ventilation contractors to provide the same systems for its second phase.

For more information about this project please download the case study or contact us on 01322 387411 / email

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Mechanical Smoke Ventilation, Fire Alarm Systems, Residential Sprinkler Systems, Chiller Systems

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