Quantity Surveyors – What to look out for in smoke venting quotes

Fire safety systems such as smoke venting systems can be essential in ensuring the safety and compliance of any building. As part of an engineered approach, these systems can offer a number of benefits to a development, such as maximising space and minimising build costs.

Quantity Surveyors must ensure that each project remains as cost-effective as possible, without deviating from the original specifications. In some instances, however, value engineering exercises may be undertaken, making it more difficult for a QS to get a ‘like for like’ quote.

Smoke Ventilation System Quotes

The installation of smoke venting systems will be required in a wide range of sectors in order to justify a building’s architectural design while meeting building regulations. When investigating quotations for smoke ventilation systems there are a number of potential variables that you should be careful to look out for to avoid additional costs and extended timescales.

Smoke Ventilation System Quotes

What’s Included?

While, on the face of it, a quote may appear attractive, when comparing quotes it’s important to check the detail of the products and services included to ensure a comprehensive quote. For instance, quotes may exclude necessary items such as CFD modelling, roof vents, detection systems and wiring. By ensuring that all elements are included, Quantity Surveyors can avoid additional, unanticipated expenditure later in the course of a project.

At FDS we pride ourselves on taking a client-friendly approach by supplying comprehensive quotes that include a breakdown of items and services, helping QS’s easily see what a quote entails. Key to this is remaining specification compliant, ensuring that we quote for what the client has asked for. Where the client adopts a fire engineered approach, we can also offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling in order to justify the smoke ventilation systems. In addition, we also accept full design responsibility of these systems while keeping the client informed at all times.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Going beyond the initial design and installation stages, quotes may also include ongoing system maintenance costs and differing defects liability levels.

To help our clients navigate quotations and base their decisions on true like-for-like comparisons, if instructed we are more than happy to produce our quotes in such a way that they match the exact levels of product and service on offer, alongside our expert’s own recommendations.

If in doubt it is always best to call your smoke venting subcontractor to talk through the quotation. To speak to one of our experts about receiving a quote call us on 01322 387411 or email info@firedesignsolutions.com


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