FDS Contracting Launches All-New Website

Award-winning smoke ventilation contractor, FDS Contracting (FDS), has launched its all-new website, making it even easier for developers, architects, consultants and contractors to find out about the benefits of including bespoke fire safety systems in their next project.

Featuring an updated, easy to navigate design, the responsive site is optimised for viewing on tablets, phones and desktop computers, meeting the demands of the increasing number of visitors using these devices.

Compatible with all major browsers, the website includes information on FDS’ wide range of fire safety systems including mechanical smoke ventilation and corridor environmental systems, residential sprinkler systems and the company’s innovative open protocol FireSmart control system.

For a more in-depth look at particular systems, video content is also available, providing detailed descriptions and high quality footage, demonstrating the equipment in operation.

Whether an FDS project is in the residential, commercial, leisure or mixed-use sectors, details of the systems installed and the benefits that they offer are  featured on the site’s updated ‘projects’ section, giving visitors real-world examples of the significant advantages that fire engineered solutions can offer.

To keep users abreast of the company’s latest developments, the website also features an updated news/blog section, complete with date and category filters to help visitors find the most relevant information for their needs, while an embedded Twitter feed provides real-time updates without users having to leave the page.

FDS Contracting Launches All-New Website
FDS Contracting Launches All-New Website


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