FDS launches smarter control system

FDS launches smarter control system

FDS Contracting (FDS), the experts in fire system design engineering and installation, has developed an addressable intelligent control system with the ability to integrate fire safety systems into a single control.

The BS 5839 compliant ‘FireSmart’ control panel system is an easy to install, true open protocol life safety control system.

Developed using the latest Kentec fire alarm programming via a RS232 link, it centrally manages and monitors smoke detection, sounders, smoke ventilation systems, corridor air change systems, AOV (automatic opening vents), door mag locks, emergency lift control, fireman’s over ride switches, fire and smoke curtains, sprinkler systems, damper control, roof and stair vent control, and access door control.

Driven by customer demand for enhanced intelligent monitoring of fire safety systems, the FireSmart system also produces status reports and commissioning logs.

As all electronic components are open protocol and compliant to British Standard 5839, building managers and maintenance staff benefit from a system that can be maintained and modified by any qualified fire alarm engineer.

With state-of-the-art monitoring features and an uninterrupted power supply, the FireSmart panel constantly monitors all of the system components and reports any faults immediately.

Fire fighters also stand to benefit from the introduction of the FireSmart system, after providing direct feedback to FDS on their preferred features for building control and fire security systems. This resulted in potential override key issues being removed by the inclusion of damper override controls, built-in fire fighter switches and simple instructions in the alarm enclosure.

Gerard Sheridan, Chairman of FDS Contracting, said: “FireSmart is testament to our first class research and development team and the close working partnerships we have with customers and the fire service, and we’re delighted to launch it to the market.

“This intelligent, easy to operate, fully compliant system represents the next generation in fire systems control, and its compatibility makes it an obvious choice of system for installers, architects, consultants and contractors alike.”

For more information on FireSmart click here

the new firesmart system from fds integrates fire safety systems into a single control


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