SHEQ Compliance Manager Hired!

We would like to welcome Sharon Thackham to the FDS Contracting team. Sharon joins us as SHEQ Compliance Manager. We asked Sharon a few questions regarding her appointment to the newly established role:

What is your background?
I initially started in Marketing and became a Graphic Designer for a financial services company while obtaining my Chartered Institute of Marketing. After being made redundant I took a 20-week job in the Power Industry and stayed for 20 years! I became a Technical Support Assistant working around the UK on several power station outages and used my graphic design and admin skills to improve and simplify systems, making them more efficient.

What was your previous role?
As more of the old power stations closed, I wanted a more local job so became an Office & Quality Manager for a steam and air-blowing company. Their processes had not been updated for a while, so I rewrote their quality system, creating new corporate documents, making systems easier and accessible for all. I also worked hard to update their health and safety culture, making individuals aware of the importance and the consequences if ignored!

What does your new role entail?
As SHEQ Compliance Manager, I feel I have a lot to offer FDS and am looking forward to the challenge. I can see what FDS wants to achieve and initially will be helping to get them through their ISO 9001 and 14001 audit. I have already seen there are some excellent systems in place so will be helping to make sure everyone is aware of what is available to make their life easier. I love working as a team so would like to help streamline some of the processes which will hopefully help some individuals, who are currently struggling with their workload.

What have you brought to the role from previous experience?
I have lots of experience in similar roles, like finding solutions to problems, not giving up easily, having good attention to detail, working as a team and an excellent communicator with a dry sense of humour!

What are your main aims and responsibilities in the role?
Initially, I need to work with the team and help obtain their accreditations. There are already lots of positives here, so I want to build on those and improve further. As this is a new role, I’m sure it will evolve through time. However, I take my responsibilities seriously, I’m not afraid of hard work and don’t mind asking stupid questions! I want to listen to people’s opinions so we can find solutions together. No matter what age or experience, everyone will have something to add, so we can all learn from each other.

What attracted you to FDS and to the role?
I obviously started here on a temporary contract working towards obtaining ISO 9001 and have felt part of the team from the start. I love the company’s attitude and what they want to achieve so am excited to have been given this opportunity.

From the team here at FDS Contracting, we wish Sharon all the best in her new role and look forward to working with her in 2023 and beyond.


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