FDS Contracting

FDS are delighted to announce that we are now expanding our operations from London and the South East to the whole of England and Wales. Whilst we will be targeting all of this area, we are anticipating that the Midlands and the North West will be particular areas that will benefit from our expertise in Smoke Ventilation, so we will initially be concentrating on those areas for our expansion.

We have appointed two Business Development Managers: Mike Starr, who is responsible for the Midlands and the North, and Paul Hunt, for the South, and we have already expanded our Installation capability to satisfy the increased demand.

FDS Contracting

To facilitate this expansion we have decided to take this opportunity to restructure the FDS Group of companies to add a new company called ‘FDS Contracting’.

As the name suggests FDS Contracting will eventually take over the Contracting/Installation business, initially taking on the new works in the new regions, then gradually allowing FDS Contracting to concentrate more on the provision of Design Solutions for the fire market, in conjunction with FDS Consult and FDS Contracting.

We believe this will provide more clarity in the provision of services the FDS Group have to offer and also improve our overall offering. Our Service and Maintenance department will also gradually transfer to FDS Contracting.

We believe these changes will also put us in an excellent position to satisfy the demands on the fire industry once the forthcoming regulatory changes are implemented. They will help us to provide a more complete service throughout the whole of a construction project’s lifespan, from inception to post-occupation.

This will be a very gradual process that will have no effect on any current or imminent work to be carried out by FDS Contracting and will initially only affect work obtained from the new regions. Any current liabilities on any current projects (e.g. defect liabilities, warranties and design liabilities) will continue to be satisfied by FDS Contracting who will continue as both a design and installation company until such obligations have been satisfied.

FDS Contracting will soon be providing quotations for future works so any such works can eventually be carried out by FDS Contracting. The personnel will not change so there will be no noticeable difference in our service and our employees will work seamlessly for both FDS Contracting and FDS Contracting during the transition period.

Over the years we have always strived to provide a quality service with a quality product and we are confident that this will only improve going forward.

We hope you will welcome this expansion and we hope to be able to continue to do business with you in our current region and beyond.



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