Assessing A Smoke Ventilation Quote?

What should you be looking for in smoke venting quotes to ensure your project is compliant?

Smoke Venting systems are essential in ensuring the safety and compliance of any building. However, it is apparent that when examining quotations for smoke ventilation system installations, there are several potential variables that you should be careful to look out for to avoid additional costs, extended timescales and most importantly non-compliance.

Key Considerations

Firstly, we would like to advocate the use of IFC SDI 19 certified installers of smoke control systems. The IFC Certification has produced this scheme to ensure a suitable and acceptable level of competency regarding fire strategy verification, system design, installation and the commissioning of smoke control systems.

Service Detail

Whilst initially, a quote may appear attractive, when comparing quotes, it’s important to check the detail of the products and services included to ensure a comprehensive quote. For instance, quotes may exclude necessary items such as:

  • CFD modelling
  • Detection systems and wiring
  • Compliant ductwork

If an engineered approach is required, there is often the need to utilise Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling (CFD) to justify the system’s design and performance. CFD services are commonly undertaken by fire engineers/consultants and can be time-consuming and lead to additional costs if not initially considered in the quote. Furthermore, if CFD has not been used, where it be deemed necessary, your project will not have obtained approvals from the Approving Authorities and is at risk of failing building control surveys.

By ensuring that all elements are included, you can avoid added time delays, unanticipated expenditure and risk of approvals later in the course of a project.

Turnkey Solutions

It should be noted that in some circumstances, smoke ventilation providers will design and supply the quoted system, however, will steer clients towards the use of another installation company if they do not offer the complete service themselves. Although this would appear to have no effect on the quote, it can lead to significant disruptions in the golden thread of information.

As per the recommendations listed in the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, the use of a single contractor can aid in the information and integration of work being carried out, thus reducing errors due to miscommunication, avoiding project delays and ensuring that the work is fully compliant to regulations.

Quote Comparison Service

If FDS Contracting is currently involved in the installation tender process for one of your projects, we are more than happy to review competitors’ scopes, offering our own expert’s recommendations to ensure all costs have been considered and non-compliance is avoided.

Alternatively, if you would like us to provide a quote for a secondary project, we are more than happy to do so. Please call us on 01322 387411 or email


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