A Hat Trick of Certifications for FDS

A Hat Trick of Certifications for FDS

FDS Contracting has recently been certified to FIRAS standards, the installer certification scheme for sprinkler systems. Alongside BAFSA and RSA certifications, the company now has all sprinkler accreditations applicable to the industry.

The FIRAS scheme for installers of residential sprinkler systems covers design, installation and maintenance. Using a FIRAS certificated company ensures that systems will be properly designed and those installers, assessed by FIRAS for their competence, will be adequately supervised and will only use the correct products and systems within their tested and approved scope.

As one of the UK’s leading fire safety system design and install contractors, full accreditation is an essential part of the company’s corporate strategy as it endeavours to provide clients with the reassurance that their installations can not only save on costs, but will provide the highest levels of life safety.


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