Health & Safety

FDS Contracting recognises that the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those who may be affected by our work are of extreme importance and, therefore, is a key priority for the business.

We strive to achieve the highest health and safety standards in all our work-related activities and compliance with legal requirements is regarded as a minimum standard that should be achieved.

FDS Contracting employs the expertise of specialist health and safety consultants and constantly reviews the effectiveness of our health and safety management system. Our consultants and internal Health and Safety Committee provide support in terms of accident prevention, risk assessment and the promotion of health and safety awareness.

We are committed to the provision of adequate resources, information, education and training to all our staff to ensure they have a sufficient understanding of our policy, relevant legislation and the health and safety aspects of our activities.

The requirements of the health and safety policy are communicated to all employees and their responsibilities are clearly identified.

The health and safety objectives and arrangements of FDS Contracting are detailed in our ‘Health and Safety Policy’ and ‘Health and Safety Management System Manual’.