Fire Safety Systems

In the event of a fire, Smoke is the real killer. 41% of fire related deaths in 2013-2014 occurred from smoke, gas or toxic fumes. FDS Contracting are dedicated to providing lifesaving smoke ventilation systems.

We’re just outside of London in the South East of England, FDS Contracting are leading industry specialists in the supplying, installing and maintaining of cutting edge, smoke ventilation systems, with a uniquely efficient approach.

Our Ventilation systems include:

Mechanical Ventilation Systems  

We provide complete innovative mechanical smoke venting solutions for our clients – thinking ‘outside-the-box’ to design, supply, install and commission leading mechanical ventilation systems.

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Natural Ventilation systems 

We provide a complete turnkey package for natural smoke ventilation systems. Our integrated service delivers cost-effective smoke venting solutions to create safe environments that meet all necessary approvals.

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Why FDS Contracting?

Our team of  fire engineers has unparalleled experience in field of smoke venting,  working on inspiring and diverse projects such as Langham Square, Tesco’s, The Place, London Bridge (mini Shard), Corinthia Hotel, Langham.

We thrive on a challenging project, no matter how big or complex, putting your needs first and striving to give unrivalled service.  If your project is subject to fire safety regulations FDS can provide a full range of Smoke Venting Solutions and services to answer any need.

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