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These are challenging times for architects. Clients are ever more demanding, calling upon their design teams to innovate both aesthetically and in terms of use of space. Meanwhile, construction budgets are being squeezed and clients are focused on maximising saleable space to enhance return on investment. All of this puts architects under pressure to think creatively about the most efficient and cost-effective ways to bring fresh design flair to a building whilst ensuring that it complies with current fire safety regulations.

London Square

Located between the Putney Mainline and East Putney railway stations in Southwest London, the London Square Putney residential development provides high-quality living spaces to its residents.

FDS Consult was appointed to provide smoke control and ventilation consultancy expertise for the above ground residential and car parking areas.

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FDS Contracting

As one of the UK’s leading turnkey fire design and installation contractors, FDS Contracting pushes the boundaries of innovative fire safety, providing architects with creative solutions that actually make a real difference to the bottom line cost of a project. For us, it’s not good enough simply to deliver on industry standards: we aim to add value by maximising usable space whilst maintaining the very highest standards of safety through range of techniques and Smoke Ventilation Solutions.

That’s why we employ a team of highly qualified fire design engineers to ensure our client’s get the very best.

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Langham Square

Located in East Putney, St James Group’s mixed-use development, Langham Square, is the first phase in the ongoing redevelopment of redundant office buildings in the area.

This saw FDS required to work to a strict deadline of three months in order to maintain the existing completion date for the project.

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