Ambient Airflow Venting

FDS Contracting provide Ambient Airflow Venting to remove unwanted heat from residential buildings with internal stair cores and lobbies. For maximum cost and area efficiency, our specialist system design team can integrate environmental climate control with our advanced smoke venting systems.

Ambient Airflow Venting is achieved through a positive air exhaust system that utilises existing or proposed mechanical or natural smoke vent shafts to draw heat away from common corridors and other problem areas.

Ambient Airflow Venting: A Proven Solution

At FDS Contracting we design the environmental climate control system to maximise heat removal, providing occupants with comfortable internal temperatures.

We can help you achieve substantial cost savings wherever we can utilise the smoke shaft during the initial construction stage, thus allowing us to complete installation in just one exercise. Our system has a proven track record of eliminating heat gain from the common heating/hot water pipework that runs above corridor ceilings and allows the common stairway to be cooled. It also factors in the scheme’s acoustic requirements, with primary and secondary attenuation included in each system to minimise noise breakout.

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