Kennington Park Square

Kennington Park Square situated in South-East London is a Barratt development of 120 one- and two-bedroom apartments and private car parking. Due to the company’s significant track record in the residential sector, FDS was able to provide a total solution for a fan assisted smoke venting system and associated smoke detection system for the residential section of the building, along with a car park ventilation system in the underground car park. The team’s innovative fire engineering and fire safety systems expertise enabled the company to provide substantial value engineered savings by:

  • Significant cost savings in the materials and systems used
  • The removal of unnecessary sprinklers, vent ducts and fire shutters from the building design saving substantial building and materials costs
  • Cost minimisation because FDS was able to achieve a fast turnaround on quality solutions and provide seamless installation
  • Reduced smoke shaft sizes, allowing significantly more floor area and, therefore, higher value properties for the developer
  • Reduction of the fire rating of the ground floor slab from 4 hours to 2 hours he removal of fire shutters to all basement lobbies

In addition the FDS methodology also resulted in:

  • Improved design flexibility for the architect by reducing shaft sizes and removing sprinklers, vent ducts and fire shutters
  • Design assurance throughout the non-code based project thanks to a thorough understanding of the approving authorities and processes
  • Improved environmental credentials – the Impulse system installed in the car park removes cars’ carbon monoxide emissions from the immediate atmosphere, improved fire access and the fire service can gain access within 10m of a fire

By utilising FDS’s technically advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling techniques and working from fire engineering first principles, our experienced team was able to achieve these area and cost savings and other benefits whilst complying with Section 20 (London Building Act). The companyís innovative approach minimised building costs for the client and contractor, met their needs to maximise area in both the residential space and the car park, and improved design flexibility for the architect, whilst meeting and exceeding the requirements of building approval authorities. In addition, the project was completed within the agreed timescales, allowing FDS to maintain its enviable track record of zero missed deadlines.

The FDS developed Fan Assisted System (FAS) is proven to outperform standard code based systems, in the event of a fire it will rapidly remove smoke to aid the means of escape and provide clear access for fire fighting services. The Impulse system installed in the underground car park was designed to meet an enhanced smoke control standard as detailed under the BS7346 part 7. This enhanced standard met the needs of the fire service to all the removal of sprinklers under Section 20.

I would very much like to take this opportunity at thanking your Company for the help and co-operation extended by both your Operatives and Managers, during your subcontract works, of which helped to produce the successful conclusion of this award winning scheme. – Barratt Homes

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