Dalston Lane

This new build residential accommodation block in Hackney, London, incorporates a number of retail units, a public library and basement car parking. It was the responsibility of FDS Contracting to design the fire safety strategy for the development in its entirety. This included a smoke detection and control system, and a corridor environmental system. Extensive understanding of fire engineering and system design with a value engineering approach realised a number of benefits for the Client, most prominently a value added saving in excess of £3.5 million.

This cost saving was achieved by:

  • Installing a higher standard of smoke venting system – a Fan Assisted Smoke Venting system (FAS) – which achieved extended travel distances enabling FDS to halve the number of stair cores and mechanical shafts required, and allowing cross-corridor doors to be kept to a minimum, resulting in significant cost savings
  • An enhanced smoke control system to the car park, permitting the removal of the sprinkler system and a corresponding cost recovery
  • Installation of manual smoke venting and BT Red Care System, which facilitated the removal of the sprinkler system to the retail units, resulting in value savings

In addition to the substantial cost savings, FDS were also able to provide:

  • An entirely seamless process via a thorough understanding of site construction issues, which also helped to facilitate a phased block-by-block handover
  • Total reliability and design assurance of compliance with Section 20 Building and Building Regulations
  • Increased habitable area in the accommodation block by enabling some corridor areas to be used for this purpose
  • The creation of an open staircase feature to the Duplexes by upgrading the fire detection system effectively, increasing the value of these properties
  • Reduction in the fire rating of the ground floor from 4 hours to 2 hours

These savings and other benefits were all fully justified via CFD modelling and the installation of higher grade systems; a result only achievable with a thorough understanding of fire engineering and an innovative approach. In addition, FDS maintained its uninterrupted track record of zero missed deadlines and 100% completion within budget.