FireSmart control panel in use

The LPS 1014 Certified FDS FireSmart Control Panel

Achieving the LPS 1014 certification enables Fire Design Solutions to offer our clients the opportunity to negate the requirements of having separate fire alarm and fire detection systems and integrate these into a single panel, saving both time and money. FDS provides the solution of the FDS FireSmart Panel

FDS FireSmart

The FDS FireSmart panel is an addressable, intelligent control system with the ability to integrate several fire safety systems into a fully compliant single control.

FDS FireSmart makes the management of fire systems for large scale residential and commercial properties simple. It provides the ultimate notification and operation of essential life safety systems in both ‘normal’ and ‘fire’ modes; it can monitor all fire safety systems and produce reports and commissioning logs – ideal for building and facilities managers.

Designed in response to client requirements for enhanced, intelligent monitoring of all fire safety systems, FireSmart is truly open protocol – with components and programming supplied by established and respected third-party companies to produce a ‘best in class’ product.

All the electronic components are tested and compliant to British Standard BS 5839, giving you peace of mind and a system which you can trust. By designing to this industry standard and ensuring that all components are open protocol, FireSmart allows for ‘off the shelf’ availability from numerous sources. Unlike Traditional closed protocol fire safety management systems that ensure the installing company is tied in for the life of the system, FDS FireSmart can be maintained and modified by any qualified Smoke Control Technician.

FireSmart’s components are connected via a multicore fire-resistant cable which links all of the devices. Additional components can be added in the future and the programming can be modified, if needed, by any fire alarm commissioning engineer.

FDS FireSmart Control Loop


Our LPS 1014 Certification

Building-Wide Fire Safety Management

FireSmart is a truly open protocol, using off the shelf Kentec fire alarm programming via an RS232 link. The panel incorporates an uninterrupted power supply with batteries and requires an external 230v single phase 50 hertz electrical power supply – similar to that used by a fire alarm panel.

The system constantly monitors all components; immediately reporting any faults found via its LCD display. Should firefighters need to attend an incident, the override key issue is solved as the system was designed using feedback from experienced firefighters – all fan and damper controls and firefighter switches are placed inside the alarmed enclosure complete with clear usage instructions. These controls can be easily accessed using a standard FB1 key.

Compliant to British Standard BS 5839, the system allows up to 127 fire safety devices to be integrated on a loop and managed by a single control panel – providing a complete fire safety system in a single product.

In order to be as adaptable as possible to a wide variety of applications, FireSmart can be expanded from one to two loops.

Once installed, FireSmart constantly monitors and reports on all fire safety systems, ensuring any issues that may occur can be swiftly dealt with. It is also able to facilitate and interface between a number of other systems such as sprinkler systems and door entry systems.

For more exacting levels of control, users can adjust the sensitivity of the detection system to allow for drift compensation to ensure that each building is monitored accurately and allows for idiosyncrasies in the immediate area of detection equipment.


Simple Installation

The Fire Smart system connects to Interface I/O Boxes (IOB) via a fire-rated 4-core cable that runs around the building allowing the necessary communications. The panel incorporates all the power necessary with no additional fuse spur requirements for dampers, actuators, smoke detectors, stair vents, etc.

Where maglocks or smoke curtains are connected to the system, a local mains supply is located adjacent to one of the IOB boxes. In the case of smoke extract fans or car park extract fans, an IOB is located adjacent to the fan panel allowing the system to be operated and information from the fan panel such as duty fan running or standby fan to be repeated on the Fire Smart panel.

The FDS FireSmart is an innovative and leading solution in the field. Contact us today to receive expert and quality advice to safeguard you, your building and all occupants against potential fire threats.

Our LPS 1014 Certification