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The Benefits of LPS 1014 Certification

LPS 1014 is an extremely exclusive certification for the fire safety industry; as such, there are several benefits which are associated and transferred to the certified firm and ultimately the end client.

Benefits of the Certificate

Working with an LPS 1014 credited installer during your projects will ensure peace of mind for the building regarding its safety and those using or residing within. Only 1% of the UK fire alarm companies have been awarded the certification so far demonstrating the strenuous regulations needing to be met to qualify; Of this 1% of companies, Fire Design Solutions are the only smoke ventilation specialist to be certified.

Using an LPS 1014 certified company provides you with the reassurance that the smoke ventilation and fire detection systems being installed are compliant to the highest standards, this, therefore, ensures contractors are being compliant to the same stringent industry regulations.

The regulations for the certificate were published by leading bodies such as the Association of British Engineers and the Chief Fire Officers Associations. This further intensifies the benefits and achievement of the certification; it demonstrates the level of work and commitment to ensuring safety and compliance, compatible with leading bodies.

As the LPCB is an international board, the LPS 1014 certification has global recognition in providing international projects to equally have these reassurances of system and work quality. The reassurances of working with LPS 1014 certified firms, whether domestic or international, is for all shareholders including developers, builders and end-users or buyers. As such, using an LPS 1014 certified firm will also improve the chances of your project passing Building Control inspections, as part of pressures to ensure buildings are compliant, Building Control firms are actively seeking LPS 1014 certification for smoke ventilation, fire alarm and detection installations.

Our LPS 1014 Certification

Single panel systems

Single Panel System

The LPS 1014 certification allows bypassing of the standard requirement of having two separate systems for fire alarm, detection and smoke ventilation systems. It allows incorporation of both systems into a single panel. As per the recommendations of BS7346-8, if the system is required to do more than just operate the smoke control system and provide external monitoring and detection to ancillary areas, a BS5839 – 1  compliant system is required. .

Through combining the systems into a single BS5839-1 compliant panel, it will allow for an optimised approach in which the same benefits and requirements are gained from the system yet through one operational system.

There is also time and cost savings associated with the reduction of components needed for the installation of two separate panels. This benefit is also passed on to the maintenance of the systems; by using a maintenance firm who have expert knowledge of both fire detection and smoke ventilation systems through LPS1014 certification, both systems can be maintained simultaneously, without the need for two separate maintainers and maintenance schedules. Furthermore the chances of issues with the system being oversighted are reduced. Commonly, when smoke ventilation and fire detection systems are tested by fire alarm companies, the smoke ventilation systems are oversighted. This can of course lead to expensive repair costs later down the line and potentially put residents lives at risk in the incidence of a fire.

FDS’ BS5839-1 compliant single panel system is the FDS FireSmart Control Panel. It provides a cost-effective system which complies to industry standards and regulations providing leading equipment and systems.

The FDS FireSmart in use at Mount Plesant

Our LPS 1014 Certification

FDS Contracting belongs to the umbrella FDS Group which has the expertise and the capability of working and consulting across the entire lifecycle of a project. Whilst many companies have this capability, the FDS Group goes further in having dedicated companies under its belt per the RIBA plan.

With the service and maintenance capability of the firm being reviewed by the LPCB (Loss Protection Certification Board) requirements, the FDS Group goes further than many others through providing a dedicated company to the maintenance and service of systems.

FDS Maintenance allows for us to have a dedicated company for the maintenance and servicing of systems and completed projects following successful completion. In doing so, it allows us to ensure our installed systems and solutions remain meeting industry regulations.

Contact FDS today to discover how our expertise and knowledge can help optimise your project to its fullest potential. Reap the rewards of having an LPS 1014 certified company install and maintain your systems for greater peace of mind.