Fire Design Solutions are BAFE Certified

Following the achievement of the LPS 1014 certification, Fire Design Solutions is now certified under the BAFE SP201 installers scheme for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems.

This certification provides an additional level of reassurance and peace of mind when contracting a firm to design and install systems and solutions.

What is BAFE?

BAFE is an independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies. The schemes are built directly from national standards regarding the specific areas of fire protection; providing the requirements and standards of schemes are met, third party firms may become BAFE certified.

Certification to a BAFE scheme is achieved through UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited certification bodies. This provides a quality audited process of the firm and a BAFE certification provides you with extra reassurance the company you are choosing has received a positive audit review.

Why is BAFE Certification important?

BAFE certifications acknowledge our competency in providing the specific fire alarm or detection system which the scheme represents. Therefore, not only is the quality of our systems and solutions reviewed but our ability to provide proficient work meeting industry regulations.

All BAFE certifications are 100% earned and cannot be purchased. To guarantee the competency of a firm, the certifications are annually assessed and may be withdrawn should firms not maintain the level of quality and competency expected.

Finally, BAFE is completely autonomous, allowing it to be unbiased with granting certifications. This is excellent for end-users of firms as it provides you with the knowledge you are getting a regularly audited, competent and compliant company giving you total peace of mind.

This certification is very much for the benefit of the end-user of a company. It demonstrates the quality and capability of work which will be undergone by a firm which is assessed annually for consistent reassurance.

Here is what our Managing Director had to say:

“We are thrilled to announce this certification off the back of our LPS 1014 certified achievement. We pride ourselves for our commitment in providing excellence and proficiency in the work we undertake, to be certified by leading bodies is a testament to our workforce.

The safety of our clients is our primary mission and certifications like this demonstrate the quality and competency of our business in achieving this”

Our LPS 1014 Certification

Get in contact today for a quote and receive certified, experienced and knowledgeable teams who ensure the systems and projects they work on are safe and comply with stringent industry regulations.