FDS Delivers Residential Schemes in Record Time

FDS Delivers Residential Schemes in Record Time

Leading fire systems specialist, FDS (FDS Contracting), has completed two high profile residential installations in London within substantially compressed construction programmes, helping to ensure that the developments were successfully handed over on time.

Explains Gerard Sheridan from FDS: “We were asked to work to extremely tight deadlines on these projects and reduced the installation programmes substantially in order to help the project deliver on time. Using the in-house expertise and creative approach that has put us at the forefront of our sector we were then able to offer solutions that underpin the fire safety of the residential developments, installing and commissioning them within the required time frame.”

Poised to be one of the most desirable addresses in Westminster, 10 Rochester Row is a seven-storey residential scheme in the heart of the City.  The biggest challenge presented by the building was the large central atrium which made effective smoke venting essential but the architectural design meant that there was no available space to install fans for a venting system.  Instead, an ETFE foil roof was specified which had to be linked to the smoke detection system. This advanced roofing material is durable, provides excellent natural light levels and can burn away harmlessly and completely to open up the roof area as a large natural vent in the event of a fire.  Using this technology and the company’s fire systems expertise, FDS integrated the ETFE roof with a sophisticated control system linked to smoke detectors which will activate heating elements in the roof, enabling it to burn away and open up the roof space in the event of a fire. As an essential part of the system design, the experienced FDS team also incorporated an innovative ‘triple knock’ activation system to ensure that the ETFE roof cannot be destroyed unnecessarily due to a false alarm.

Commented a spokesperson from Barratt Homes: “FDS were appointed as they have proven their expertise on a number of projects with Barratt Homes. As part of a collaborative effort to ensure the build deadlines were met, FDS overcame a number of fire safety challenges on this complex scheme, which included developing solutions to overcome issues presented by the architecture of the building.  The use of an ETFE foil roof linked to a sophisticated smoke detection system combined cutting edge technology with innovative thinking and FDS carried out the design, installation and commissioning of the fire systems remarkably quickly, ensuring that the building received full fire service approval in time for the agreed handover date.”

Meanwhile, the Evolution Edgeware project is a 999-unit residential scheme, which has seen Barratt West London, the London Borough of Barnet and Family Mosaic Housing Association working together as part of a regeneration scheme to redevelop an existing housing estate in Edgware.

Throughout the development there was a lack of natural ventilation so, using the company’s in depth understanding of fire engineering First Principles and its proven technologies, FDS addressed this issue by installing smoke shaft extraction systems and an ambient airflow system for the taller blocks that utilised the mechanical venting system to extract heat from the ceiling voids.

The expertise and solutions-driven approach of FDS not only overcame the fire safety challenges but also provided substantial value engineered savings, and ensured the build deadlines were met.