Fire Design Solutions are SCA IFC SDI 19 Certified

The path to improving competency and testing for smoke control systems is being set by the latest developments with accreditation and certification schemes. The SCA IFC SDI 19 certification ensures the highest industry standards are upheld.

SCA IFC SDI 19 and it’s importance

The SDI 19 certification scheme has been developed by the Smoke Control Association in partnership with IFC Certification. The scheme was primarily developed to ensure a suitable and acceptable level of competency regarding fire strategy verification, system design and the installation of smoke control systems. The scheme also covers a contractor’s ability to provide appropriate levels of service and maintenance following installation and commissioning, in line with a building’s type, size and use.

To further improve competency levels in the industry, the SCA has also made it a mandatory requirement that all current and potential members who install smoke ventilation systems must join the IFC SDI 19 installer scheme.

This is particularly important, as following the independent review of building regulations and fire safety, several cultural changes in the procurement, design, construction and maintenance of buildings and building systems must be undertaken to deliver safer buildings.

The industry is undergoing a major shift to ensure that contractors are being held accountable for the systems which they install. The certification ensures that Contractors are being provided with a directory of certified installers who are available to ensure the use of competent, compliant and expert fire safety installers.

Furthermore, with the increase in the number of installers for smoke ventilation systems, there is a growing need to ensure that contractors operating in the industry are competent. This competency is particularly important as the safety of the building’s occupants is paramount for all shareholders and thus, contractors need to be compliant to the stringent regulations.

SCA IFC SDI 19 requirements

To gain certification, smoke ventilation contractors must demonstrate their experience in fire strategy verification. This is in conjunction with designing, installing and commissioning smoke ventilation systems compliant to relevant standards and regulations.

These standards and regulations include being compliant to Approved Document B and BS7346 parts 4, 5, 7 and 8. Alongside this, a detailed and comprehensive audit of internal offices and external sites must be undertaken for the certification.

We are proud to announce that Fire Design Solutions is certified to IFC SDI 19 and continue to lead the industry in compliance and competency. We hope that by having the certification, and thus clearly demonstrating our consistent adherence to industry best practices, we are able to provide the end-user with confidence that their systems are fit for purpose.

This is what the FDS Group Managing Director, Nick Waterfield, had to say on the scheme’s importance:

“The IFC SDI 19 Scheme is a very important initiative for the smoke ventilation industry as it helps to identify the companies who are competent to install these life safety systems and it will also encourage more consistency throughout our industry.

I’m delighted that FDS are certified to the scheme and this goes hand-in-hand with us recently also achieving LPS1014 certification for the provision of fire alarm systems.

Clients now have somewhere to go when choosing their fire protection suppliers”

The FDS Group are fully committed to ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants, our certifications are a demonstration of our capability and quality of work. Get in contact to work with us and discover how we can best ensure your building is as safe as possible. 

Our LPS 1014 Certification