new FDS chiller system

The FDS Chiller System – Helping Properties Stay Cool Under Pressure

The FDS Chiller System – Helping Properties Stay Cool Under Pressure

With the aim of improving energy efficiency, it’s commonplace for property developers to look at the best ways to insulate a building, helping to keep bills low while also reducing its environmental impact.

While this is an admirable goal, it can also result in heat build-up in common areas such as corridors or lobbies, particularly in high-occupancy residential apartment buildings.

FDS’ corridor environmental systems are the ideal solution in most cases to mitigate this,  however we recognise that in some instances additional cooling may be required.

With this in mind, our experts have developed an all new chiller air cooler system, which provides even greater cooling for common areas where heat is a key concern.

new FDS chiller systemConsisting of a chiller unit and axial environmental fan fitted at roof level, the system is connected to the building’s environmental shaft. This enables the system to supply cold air during day-to-day use in the summer months, controlled by a timer. A motorised damper provided to the shaft at each level opens during the environmental system’s operation period, with acoustic silencers fitted to the inlet and outlet of the fan in order to minimise the system’s sound output.

In the event of fire, the system will revert to fire safety mode to remove smoke from the building in order to return it to tenable conditions, allowing the safe escape of residents while providing a clear route for attending fire-fighters.

Speaking on the introduction of the new system, Nick Waterfield, Managing Director of FDS Contracting said: “The development of this new system forms part of our ongoing R&D efforts, which are directly influenced by the needs of our customers.

“By connecting to our existing smoke ventilation systems, the chiller can maximise comfort for residents without having any impact on the property’s fire safety, while also helping to save space by removing the requirement for an imposing second system.”

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