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What the Election Means for Construction


Following any major political change there is always a period of uncertainty, and as uncertainty means risk, this can often cause a slowdown in the construction industry as major players wait for the dust to settle.

While an agreement has now been put in place between the Conservative Party and the DUP, the recent Queen’s Speech confirmed that housing policy has been moved down the list of priorities for the minority Government now that Brexit negotiations have started in earnest. Recommendations put forward in February’s Housing White Paper will remain mainly non-legislative, overseen by the sixth Minister for Housing and Planning since 2010, Alok Sharma, as Gavin Barwell lost his seat during the election.

It is not an ideal situation for construction companies in need of calm waters and some drive from Whitehall, and it leaves the Government’s pledge to create 1 million new homes in England by 2020 looking an ever more distant target.

However, no matter what the political or economic climate, our focus at FDS is to provide best in class systems that achieve the highest standards of fire safety, while also considering our clients’ commercial objectives.

This customer-first approach has seen our portfolio of loyal clients continue to expand, and is the reason why many of the UK’s largest contractors and developers have selected FDS as their fire safety system provider of choice.

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